Current art projects

 Currently I am working on interventionist embroidery (see relevant page), tablet carving, and various other activities, including carving in bone, glass engraving, and collage.


Little Boys Blue (carved erectile dysfunction tablets), 2012



A Month of Excess, Jan 2012.  Carved Rennies tablets.  Shown at Anatomy, Gutsforgarters, Camden




100 Headaches, Nov 2011. 100 carved paracetamol and aspirin tablets.  Shown and sold at Anatomy, Gutsforgarters, Camden





Detail from 8 Hours (48 carved sleeping tablets)



More Headaches



Pregnacare Venus series (about 15 mm high)








2011: the first phase of Forging Links, a project which involved users of the Community History and Archives Service in Sandwell, West Midlands, in bringing their enthusiasm for archive research into the community. This involved creating a number of kinds of artwork, ranging from small engravings of text onto glass to recreating a massive foghorn built in West Bromwich in the 1920s. For more information see