Individual works

52 Excitable people and their pets (2009)

I have for some time been interested in sewing as a drawing medium. Its irrevocability concentrates the mind wonderfully.



Some Notable Similarities, 2009




Lifespan 1 (detail), 2002

This, and similar works, were made following the making of Collection: Retrievable Objects in 2000, for the World Health Organisation, shown in the exhibition Artworks for WHO, shown at the Whitechapel Gallery, and in Berlin and Hafnurborg, Iceland, in 2000.


Life Time, 2004



Eggs of the World 2

A favourite, considering the cultural applications of the natural world.



Moths of the English-speaking World, 2008

Similarly the next few works look at how science, language and collecting construct vast worlds on the isolating and curating of specimens, applying (supposedly) dispassionate or perjorative names.  I have used displacement frequently to highlight processes.



Botanical Observations, 2008



Some Mycological Delights, 2008

Looking at the way some fungi have been linguistically condemned.  The text is on eggshells, now thought to be humankind's earliest writing surface, dating to about 60,000 years BCE.



Swimming Anchovies, 2008

A putative negotiation between the natural world and the curated world.



100 Headaches, 2011

Each one carved from an aspirin or paracetamol tablet; working from the large work on show in the Wellcome Collection.   



French Collection, 2007

What I do on my holidays